Publishing and Communication Department

Some achievements

EPA publications
Paper publishing:
Proceedings of the 4th Global Strategy Meeting of UNESCO, financed by the World Heritage Centre, 1999
8th PREMA Newsletter, 1999
Porto-Novo et ses environs - Guide des paysages culturels financed by ACCT, 2001
• Mock-up of two tales: The Magic Drum and How Chameleon Became a Teacher, 2002
Sur la Route de l’Esclave en Afrique occidentale et centrale - Guide de tourisme culturel, 2007
Documentation of Museum collections: Why? How? Practical Guide , EPA-UNESO-ICCROM-ILAM, 2010 (on line, PDF 609 kb)
Digital publishing:
• Ecole du Patrimoine Africain, 1998
Abomey Historical Museum, 1999
Symbolique nationale (temporary exhibition of the Musée des Forces Armées Sénégalaises), 1999
JICPA (Joint IFLA/ICA Committee for Preservation in Africa), 2000
• Numibia : African Art on the Web (Mock-up). Financed by the Cultural Heritage Division of UNESCO, 2001
• Center for Heritage Development in Africa - CHDA (old version), 2002
Nubia Museum in Aswan, Egypt, financed by UNESCO's World Heritage Division, 2003
Africa 2009 Programme, 2005
Musée des Arts et Traditions du Gabon, 2006
• 24 issues of the LA Lettre de l'EPA (EPA's Newsletter, published quaterly), 2002-2012
RECAO Project, 2010
• Study on Internet resources on museum documentation, UNESCO-ICCROM, 2008
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