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Letter from Gbêhanzin to Mr. Gerville Réache, Deputy of Guadeloupe, dated October 10, 1902, requesting him to intervene for his return to Dahomey

"I fell victim to Toffa, the king of Porto Novo's intrigues, and to the treachery of interpreters bought by him, who misled the French, my friends and me.

When I took the initiative of delivering myself to Colonel Dodds, I asked him voluntarily to take me to France in order to have discussions with the Head of State and to throw light on the misunderstanding of which I am victim. I believed I was heading for France when, in fact, I was on the way to Martinique.

I think that if the government were enlightened, I would be restored to my former position as well as to the friendship of France.

I will be a devoted agent and faithful friend of French policy, a propagator of its ideas and collaborator.

We are all in a decline, the latest volcanic phenomena which are so terrible and new to us having completely undermined our health."

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