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General Dodds' proclamation

General Dodds
In the name of the French Republic,
We, Brigadier General Dodds, Commander-in-Chief of French Settlements in Benin, Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour;

Declare that:

King Béhanzin Ahy-Djéré is deposed from the throne of Dahomey and forever banned from this country.

The kingdom of Dahomey is and will remain under the exclusive protectorate of France except for the territories of Whydah, Savi, Avrékété, Godomé and Abomey-Kalavy, all formerly part of the ancient kingdoms of Ajuda and Jacquin which are annexed to the posessions of the French Republic. The limits of the annexed territories are: the Ahémé river in the West; the river Savi and the north-east frontier of the Abomey-Kallavi territory to the east and north; the Atlantic ocean in the South.

Drawn up at Porto-Novo, December 3, 1892.


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