Where is my emblem ?

Find the emblem of the king whose name you've chosen:

Click on the button corresponding to the name of the chosen king.
Then put your mouse on the emblem of this king.
If the reply is correct a window will open with WELL DONE in it,
and the word DONE will replace TO DO above the picture.
Nothing will happen if the reply is wrong.  (You can't play this game with Internet Explorer 3).


"Lightening strikes the palm tree but, in spite of its height, the palmyra palm escapes"
"I am the lion cub who frightens the bush once his teeth have grown"
I vanquished the kingdom of Oyo, the greedy monkey
Agoli Agbo 
"Be careful Agbomè ! Allada stumbled but did not fall thanks to the help of the French"
"The fish which escapes the net does not return to it."
I placed my enemy's heart in a jar and rolled it on the ground