Detail of a bas-relief

Dogs head in the path

There was Goat and there was Yo*. So the king sent them to visit another country. They spent several days there. Then one day Yo said to Goat, "All right, tomorrow we leave".

In the village where they were there were houses all about them. Now, there was one house which was all closed, and inside that house were the animals. In the walls of this house were holes through which ropes which held the animals were pulled and tied to stakes. Now, the large animals had thin ropes, and the small animals had very thick ropes about their necks.

So the next morning, they said to Yo and Goat, "Good. Now, you cannot go away with empty hands". So they brought them to this house where the animals were kept, and told Yo and Goat to choose among all those ropes one for each of them.

When they said this, Yo ran and took a thick rope. So Goat took a thin rope. Now they said, "Good. We will bring out the animals you have chosen". The first one led out was the animal for Yo, and what came out was a little goat. Then they brought out the one which Goat had picked. That one was a big steer.

So they told them, "Good-by". On the way Yo said to Goat, "Lets kill our animals". Goat said, "No, I won't kill mine. I will take it to show it to the king. It is the king who sent us here".

So Yo killed his goat and he gave a piece to Goat to eat. But Goat did not eat it. He put it under his tongue. Now Yo finished eating all the meat. So Yo asked Goat, he said, "Give me the piece of meat I gave you".

Goat said, "You thought I ate it, well, here it is". Yo said, "Can't you take a joke? I'm only joking. But I gave it to you to eat, not to keep". So Goat hid it again under his tongue.

After they walked a little way, Yo asked again for the meat. Goat took it and gave it to him. So Yo became annoyed. Now, to get back to their own village they must cross a river. When they came to the river, Goat dropped the meat in the river. So when they reached the other shore and had walked a while, Yo said, "Give me my meat. I know you did not eat it".

This time Goat had no meat to give him. He said, "I don't know how it happened, but I don't have it". Yo said, "Good. I want my piece of meat, or else kill your steer and give me a piece".

Goat killed the steer. Then he gave a piece to Yo and kept the rest. When Yo finished his piece, he began to bother Goat to give him more. Goat refused and refused, but Yo annoyed him so much that he gave him a joint. So, they walked a piece more and Yo began to ask again, and then again, until he took all the meat away from him. When Yo had taken all, Goat went off ahead of Yo. Yo had not eaten all the meat. He was bringing it home.

So Goat now found the head of a dog, and he placed it on the road where Yo must pass. He made a hole there, too, for himself. Now he attached a cord to the dog's head, and the other end he took with him inside the hole. When he heard Yos steps, he began to move the dog's head.

Yo saw this and was afraid. He stopped before the head. He began to ask it, "What do you want?". The head moved all the time. He said, "Do you want a joint?". The head made the sign Yes. He threw it down. But when he wanted to pass, the head would not let him.

He then asked, "Do you want the forelegs?". The head said, Yes. Again, when Yo wanted to pass, the head signaled he could not pass. Yo said, "Yes, yes, I know you want all the meat!". The head said, Yes.

So he threw down all the meat. Now, all that was left was the basket. But the head still did not let him pass. Yo said, "Oh, I forgot. You are asking for the basket in which to put the meat". The head said, Yes.

He threw down the basket. So he wanted to pass now, but the head would not let him. He said, "What are you asking for now?". The head continued to move. He asked, "You want Yo himself?" The head said yes, "Yes!"

Terrified, Yo began to run . . . and run!!!
Finally, Goat came up from the hole, gathered-up all of the meat, and continued on to take it to the king.

*"Yo" is a gluttonous, selfish spirit (supernatural being).