African wild animals


The apes




The gnou


I moo.

The hippopotamus

"I like to wallow in rivers with my family. In the evening I feed myself with fresh grass. I can measure up to 4 metres long and I can weigh up to 4 tons ! I am hunted for the ivory of my teeth and for my flesh and because of that I am threatened with extinction."

The sacred ibis

The manatee

Manatee "I am a water mammal and I can measure up to 3 metres long and I can weigh up to 500 kilos. I am gradually disappearing from the Earth because I am hunted for my flesh and I am often killed or badly injured by boats."

The oryx

Oryx scimitar "I am a very large antelope. I live in Morocco, Egypt and Senegal. I am in between 1,50 meters and 2,30 meters high, and I weigh from 100 to 200 kilos. My horns are very long : from 60 centimetres to 1,50 meters !"

The pangolin (scaly anteater)


The panther (or leopard)
PantherI roar